Here are the brand new aluminum spoiler braces. Our super lightweight 1/8 inch machine aluminum structure provides a ridgid support and added side force to the tail of your race car, with a nice black anodized finish to top it off! The rotating spoiler feet allows for a 30 degree adjustment on either end of the brace, meaning these braces can be used on a 90 degree spoiler, as well as the 60 or 75 degree laid back spoilers easily. *NOTICE* Variance between lexan and aluminum spoiler blade thickness may result in customers having to trim supplied hardware to proper length.

Aluminum Spoiler Braces

SKU: INOV00043
    • Space Grade 1/8 inch Aluminum  
    • Integrated 1/4-20 Brass Inserts
    • Rotating Feet, 30 Degrees per end
    • Standard 10.5 Inch center-to-center (Same as AR and 5Star)
    • Adapter Feet Availiable to make center-to-center 9.5"which is ran on LMSC cars
    • Mounting Hardware Included 
    • Made to Order, Shipping Times May Vary