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  • Does Day Racing Products fit every racecar?
    Day Racing Products do not fit every racecar, but most of the components designed and built at Day Racing Products are made to fit most late model style race cars. They are also components for sportsman style cars as well.
  • Do I have to pay taxes on my online order?
    Taxes on this ecommerce store is based on the Tennessee sales tax rate. The taxes applied are due to sales tax being paid in the State of Tennessee from Day Racing Products.
  • Is my credit card information safe on this site?
    Yes! Your credit card information is protected by two layers of security. This protects your very sensitive information from hackers or any web hijackers. At Day Racing Products we promise to keep your personal information only viewable by the account holder. This is the most important aspect to keeping Day Racing Product's respectable reputation and excellent customer service.
  • Can I order online and pay in store?
    Yes! You most definitely can by placing the items in your cart and selecting the pay in store tab. Then place the order and pay when you pick up at the store location.
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